Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my website, also in 2020. You will find information about our piano lessons, some short texts about unknown music which I think is really worth a try, a number of my poems (in Dutch, I’m sorry!), and some photos.

On the LINKS page you will find a list of composer websites, some of them just nice, some really informative. And, of course, links to Ksenia Kouzmenko on internet: to her own website, and her Youtube Channel.

Servaas Jansen.


NEWS: In times of Corona I teach online, on Skype, but as soon as responsibly possible combined with occasional “live” lessons in the controlled, hygienic situation of our “Piano Room”, with a separate piano for both teacher and pupil.

I hope I can resume my normal schedule in the not so distant future.

Interested? Write a mail to: servaas.jansen@planet.nl .